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Random Thoughts and Observations

This page will just have some random thoughts and observations.

I don't consider myself a very good writer, so that pretty much leaves me out of blogging and other "word intensive" projects.  For years I have been trying to express (in words) why I photograph.  I found a passage by the late writer/photographer/teacher, Bill Jay that does it so much better than I ever could.

     "Look, I would say, this is life.  It is everywhere, and it is here for the taking.  I am alive and I know
     this, now, in a more profound way that when I am doing anything else.  These sights are ephem-
     eral, fleeting treasures that have been offered to me and to me alone.  No other person in the his-
     tory of the world, anywhere in all of time and space, has been granted this gift to be here in my
     place.  And I am privileged, through the camera to take this moment away with me.  That is why
     I photograph."

Very simply and eloquently stated.  For those not familiar with Bill Jay, he often wrote a column for Lenswork magazine.  Not that I am an expert on photographic writings, but I always thought his writngs to be very clear and concise.  If you get the chance, try to find some of Bill Jay's writings.  Also, for that matter, Lenwork magazine is a first class magazine published 6 times a year by Brooks Jensen and is well worth the time and money.


About three years ago, I started to use an 8x10 camera more and more.  As most photographers gravitated towards the digital realm, I found myself going in the opposite direction.  Instead of larger and faster sensors I moved toward a larger and slower camera and film.  Maybe my age is showing, I just like the slow pace of using this type of camera.  I think it also reflects a little bit about my style of photography.  I like to think I'm pretty observant of the natural world around me and I tend to photograph a great amount of the "small stuff."  That is where the 8x10 shines.  The images from the film are rich in detail and color.  Now I realize that those two things alone do not make for a good photograph, but when I do "hit" on a good photograph, the image can reveal things that get overlooked with other formats.  It is extremely difficult to show what a piece of 8x10 film can do on a website, so if you ever get to see an image from an 8x10, take a good look.  It feels like one is standing in front of the actual scene in some ways. 



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